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January Photo Competition (12 replies)

2 years ago
ROLI 2 years ago

Well Thank you LorraineLH for choosing my photo, now my wife wants royalties.....

Well For the January subject, how about a face shot, showing happiness, anger or despair

1 year ago
ROLI 1 year ago

Well thats the first time Ive heard that the results have to be in before the ???th so that the results can be put in the magazine. What is the cutoff date. I suppose really that you can control what goes in the magazine and when but you have no control on the forum posts! Im in Australia at the moment and Im using my sisters PC, thats why the delay....Apologies. Lets wait and see what the next subject is. R

1 year ago
youngres 1 year ago

The copy date for CooperWorld, is and has always been the 1st of the month for the following month. This has always been clearly stated on page 3 of the magazine. Some wiggle time is often allowed for by the editor but for this competition to work, the result and new subject, has to be at the start of the month, not half way through it to allow the photo to be included. [u]IF[/u] this could be adhered to [u]AND[/u] there were sufficient entries again, we could happily put it back in CooperWorld. Perhaps you could administer and oversee the proceeding to ensure this happens and if so, we can put it back in

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