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February photo competition (13 replies)

12 months ago
Ministwo 12 months ago

Because we are late with the start of this months competition. This months subject is an open subject,cars,cats kids,dogs, family anything you like. I will choose the winner on Sunday the 26th to get the photo to the magazine editor by the 1st. Please let's have lots of photos or we will loose this competition. Clive.

11 months ago
Ministwo 11 months ago

Congratulations the winner for February is 997 GUO over to you for March subject.

Please pick your winner three days before end of month to allow time to get photo in magazine.


11 months ago
LorraineLH 11 months ago

Well deserved winner, lovely photo. 

11 months ago
997GUO 11 months ago

Thank you Lorraine, very kind of you.  I will start a new thread (hopefully) with a new subject.



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