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Glyn Swift (2 replies)

1 year ago
youngres 1 year ago

This morning we heard of a huge loss to the Mini scene. Glyn Swift, the founder of Swiftune Engineering, passed away after a short fight with cancer. Our thoughts go out to Nick Swift, and the rest of Glyn's family and friends. Glyn was a wonderful chap, always approachable and good friend to the MCR. He will be sadly missed.

1 year ago
ROLI 1 year ago

Yes, its sad that "one of the good ones" has passed away. I remember meeting him back in the 70's when at the early days of Minispares and he would always give all his time to someone who asked his advice. I still run the con-rods that he, himself lightened and polished. To say he was an artist is an understatement. He was a perfectionist, no matter how small the job was. I know Nick will carry on with the fabulous reputation that his dad achieved. I will definitely attend his funeral to pay my respects.

1 year ago
LorraineLH 1 year ago

Very sad to hear this.
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