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Hello (3 replies)

5 months ago
rigg 5 months ago

Hello everyone. I joined recently but it seems that the forum isn't used much. Am I missing something?

Pete - W.Sussex
5 months ago
Pete - W.Sussex 5 months ago

Hello Rigg! I have been asking myself the same question as a newbie that posted two weeks ago and am searching for a previous owner of the car I have bought........only 16 views apparently and no replies.  Very disappointing so far.

Welcome to you and fingers crossed!


5 months ago
floormanager 5 months ago

Hi there,

I'm in West Sussex also, at Haywards Heath.  I'm afraid the Forum is a bit quiet.  There was quite a few of us that regularly posted but it has been quiet lately.  I am sure people still are around and if they can help they will.  Best wishes,


5 months ago
ROLI 5 months ago

Well, I posted a simple question, and in two days not a simple reply, so I deleted my post. I dont think many visit the forum. Shame, cos it used to be a well of information. I got my answer from peter Baldwin, took just a simple call. Now I know, and no one else will unless they also call Peter.

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