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What is wrong with this Forum? (15 replies)

3 years ago
Supersonic 3 years ago

What is wrong with this Forum?

4 weeks ago
ROLI 4 weeks ago

I will be doing the Minis to theAlps in a few weeks and I will be posting pics and small talk ONLY on this forum, so boo-ha to facebook...lets hope other members (who arent doing the run) will add/ask comments...It needs US , members of the MCR who can revive this forum

3 weeks ago
youngres 3 weeks ago

I welcome Roli's view and Marks' that Facebook is not a great place and I really do hope that this Forum survives and attracts more posts. The Minis to The Alps in September would be a great platform to post some nice images and comments to get some interest up.

Sadly, social media, in all of its forms, has become, in many cases, a toxic place. Having personally suffered a great deal of abuse over the last few years, I no longer wish to be involved with much of it. However, the MCR forum has been over the years a polite and reasonable place to post. I saddens me that our forum is suffering a decline.  Even Mark Foster's popular Mk1 Performance Forum is suffering a downturn. Against the trend, I do hope ours turns a corner and thrives.

Robert Young

2 weeks ago
snoopy64 2 weeks ago


I use a mobile device for viewing forums etc and personally i find this forum confusing...none of the stats against the section headings make sense/ reflect the actual content etc. Finding a topic you know is there is not always easy...coupled with the long absence of the forum, it has basically dropped off my radar. I agree with the comments about Facebook, it has probably had it’s day and is not the right media for technical exchanges and sharing experience

2 weeks ago
mgb 2 weeks ago

There is a problem with the stats, the suppliers of the software have been asked to rectify this but so far haven't. I have got to understand PHP (the language that the software is written in) since the website was started and will see if I can rectify the fault.

How could the search for a topic be improved, I have found the Search to work as I would expect.

2 weeks ago
snoopy64 2 weeks ago

If you know precisely what you want Search is ok, it’s the general browsing around that’s not intuitive...too many sections maybe??

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